Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Friday

In front of me I see 4 blissful days of reading (i.e. listening to books since that's what I do while I'm...), knitting, playing with kitties, hanging out with David (who actually took off Monday and has off Tuesday).  We should be good and relaxed before having to go back to work on Wednesday.

I plan to work on my Skew and get it finished.  I'm at the point where I'm increasing for the heel bump.  Wrap?  part?  it's an interesting section of the pattern, anyway.  I'm going to try working on the Dragonfly Cowl again.  That should be fun.  If I can't concentrate on it for very much I'm going to have to seriously reconsider my plans for the yarn.  Seriously...a cowl on the needles that is just slightly over half done is better frogged and becoming something else that I can enjoy knitting than it is as a half-finished cowl on the needles that makes me feel bad for not finishing it.  I'm not always a giver-upper, but I do need to be honest with myself about how I feel about the pattern, etc.

I'm still trying to decide whether to go out or eat in tonight.  I want to do both, so maybe we should eat leftovers and then go out for a couple of drinks...that's a thought...

I'm super excited to report that the daughters' dreams are coming true.  Both have jobs at Disney World starting in mid-May.  They will be working "attractions" in the College Program.  We don't know any more details than that and won't until they get there but it's very exciting and step 1 to establishing them permanently in Orlando.  Yea for dreams come true!

We're in the throes of Mardi Gras around here.  Locals don't really go to parades, which is something I find interesting and kind of funny.  None of my student workers WANT to go to New Orleans...I know I certainly don't.  Everyone eats King Cake though (I'm not, obviously.).

So, my picture today is a "throw-back" to a Mardi Gras scarf I made for a co-worker.  I love this scarf and need to make another.

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