Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I love you, Skew

I took this picture last night...or really David took the picture since I think it's probably impossible to get this shot unless you're a contortionist and I'm not.  But isn't it gorgeous and fun and all things wonderful? I'm very excited about this sock.

I started the second one this morning since I woke up at 5:15 and didn't have my choice about going back to sleep.  I didn't mind too much since I knew I could get a head start on the second Skew.

I love the yarn.  Vesper yarn is always special.  I'm like a kid in a bag of skittles...Look the next stripe is bright orange! (duh!  Orange always follows isn't a surprise, but it's so exciting every.single.time I see the color change point).  My thoughts on this color scheme is that it's pretty perfect.  The black and grey perfectly tone down the bright orange, blue and green...resulting in a really fun color effect that didn't get out of hand.

And the pattern.  It's lovely.  Perfect and wonderful. Each step is a bit like magic and the instructions are super-clear.  While the pattern looks very complicated, if you've made a bias scarf, this is a piece of cake.  Increase on one side, decrease on the other.  After a few rows it's intuitive.  You just have to check your intuition at the door and be sure to follow the pattern because some "interesting" things do happen from time to time and without them that heel would not look so freaking awesome!

I use the "Knit Minder" app on my iPhone and have counters for the stitch count as well as rows within each section.  I added a counter for "repeats" when necessary and I had absolutely no trouble keeping up with the pattern.  The only time I had to unknit anything was when I forgot to do an increase at the beginning of the round and I was only a few stitches away when I realized it.  Definitely a pattern to try and impress yourself--not to mention all your non-knitting friends who will decide that you've leapt from the normal knitter into one with super-human powers.

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