Monday, February 3, 2014

Yarn Clubs

This year I am "doing" 4 yarn clubs.  2 are ones that I did last year:  Rockin'Sock Club from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the Vesper Sock Club from Knitterly Things.

I have made several pairs of my Vesper socks, but saw last week that I have about 9 balls of yarn that will need to be made up into something luscious and wonderful.  I love my Vesper sock yarn.  They are all striping and while I feel like I have enough striped socks, I find myself casting on a pair as soon as I finish another one.  They make up into amazing socks that have worn well.  The colors stay true, the yarn doesn't fuzz or felt or otherwise wear out.  Really very lovely.

Rockin'Socks?  Well, I have only completed 3 projects from the RSC.  The first was a pair of purple socks.  Cables...and my first attempt at cables.  I made a few mistakes, but generally I love those socks.  My one complaint is that the dye wasn't set well and the purple bled and bled and before I realized I needed to put them in some vinegar water for a bit and the bleeding has stopped...but not before it lost a lot of its color.  The other project I finished is a gorgeous shawl that I love love love.  The 3rd was a colorwork hat that I made in April last year while living at the apartment.  The hat was gorgeous but too small for my head, so it now belongs to the daughters. I have only had one month's pattern/yarn combo that I wasn't crazy about but the rest have been wonderful....Still...I want to make them all and will do something different with that yarn with the chicken pattern.

The new clubs?  Club Dragonfly (which I got a couple of weeks ago and showed you the pic of the lime green and purple cowl with dragonfly colorwork) and Cookie A sock club.  I'm very excited about these.

And you know what's even more exciting?  That 3 of these yarns are supposed to arrive today! yea!

So, all weekend, Pearl was adorable.  More so yesterday than usual.  This, is pretty much what she did all day.

And, in case you're wondering, she is NOT inviting tummy rubs...unless you enjoy getting your arm and hand chewed off.

I'm hoping to have a pair of socks to show off in a couple of days.  Stay tuned.

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