Friday, February 7, 2014

Yarn Club #2: Beautiful

Ok...Cookie A has astounded me.  Her patterns are beautiful and encourage such a confidence in my knitting abilities.  I no longer feel like a beginner who can read a pattern and make things look nice but an intermediate knitter who can follow a pattern intuitively and make something beautiful.

If you're in the Cookie A club and haven't gotten your yarn yet and haven't looked at the pattern yet, look this post after you've received your goods because spoilers abound.

Need proof?

I started the cuff night before last.  I just needed to get the project on my needles.  Feel the yarn, work through the easy part and build my confidence for tackling what looks like a pretty complicated pattern.  Pearl loved my work almost enough to eat the needles.  I had to convince her that it was a bad idea to eat knitting needles but she didn't believe me.

Last night I worked farther on the sock.  I was having the best time until I realized that I'd read the pattern slightly wrong.  Nothing major, I was just doing my decreases slanting in the wrong direction.  I did this for 3 rows before I realized it, but I was proud that I could look at the way the knitting was going and realize it.  I decided not to go back and enjoy the "wabisabi" of the's not huge enough to notice, and certainly not huge enough to go back 6 whole rounds to fix (6 because there are "plain rounds" inbetween  "Pattern" rounds).

Anyway, at one point I see a black arm dash out from under the chair and looked down and saw this.  She didn't know I was watching her too:

That cat is just so freaking adorable.

I made it this far before calling it quits.  Beauty.  I could have knitted all night just watching the pattern unfold, holding onto this gorgeous yarn.
Yarn:  Plucky Knitter fingering, Colorway "Going Steady"...exclusive for Cookie A February 2014 club
Pattern:  Possibly Maybe by Cookie A, exclusive for Cookie A February 2014 club

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  1. That colorway is d i v i n e! Love it and it will showcase that pattern for sure. Enjoy your lovely knit. If I join a yarn club next year, it's your faults leslie!!