Monday, February 24, 2014

Working on my attitude

My attitude has taken a quick downward spiral.  It started mid-week last week, improved a little over the weekend, but has since gone back down this morning.  I'm trying to take deep breaths, remind myself that I'm probably overreacting and just take things one at a time, but it's hard.

So, I'll go quickly into denial and step back to my really nice weekend and show you all the fun stuff I did.

I finished Bjork.

I absolutely love this pair of socks.  I'm wearing them today and think they are just about as lovely as they can be.  Very comfortable, the yarn is splendid, soft...perfect in every way.  These will be a long-time favorite.  I'm so glad I decided to do the Cookie A Yarn Club because I have really stretched myself with the two patterns and I made HUGE progress!  2 pairs of socks in 3 weeks.  That's impressive if I say so myself.

In fact, working on these two patterns gave me the confidence to do the next exciting thing from my weekend:
The yarn is from Knitterly Things.  I do the yarn-of-the month club and this is from October 2013, Son of Spooktober.  The colors are wonderful...and this sock pattern...  SO MUCH FUN!  I haven't had this much fun knitting anything ever.  While it's really hard to tell what's going on, this is the foot of the left sock.  The bump at the top right is where my big toe will go and the bump at the bottom right wraps around the ankle and heel and is eventually sewn together.  I've gotten past the heel shaping, sewn it together and started working on decreasing the other gusset since taking this picture.

This pattern is simply genius.  Unless something majorly goes wrong, it'll be in my "go to" binder too.

Pattern:  Skew by Lana Holden, Knitty Winter 2009

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