Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A little fortune

Yesterday was the great arrival of three of my yarn club purchases.  And boy did they surprise and delight me.

I won't give anything away for a week or so since people still haven't gotten theirs...but I will describe a little about the joy the yarns brought me.

(yes, I'm a simple girl at heart).

First, I came home, got the packages from the porch and then heated up supper.  Even though I'm technically not dieting any more, I find that I'm hungry a lot of the time, and waiting on supper, or snacks, even for yarn, is just not going to be a good idea in the end.

SO, I ate, then I put all my packages together and took their picture and sent that to David who was in class last night.

And then I opened them one by one starting with Vesper.

The colorway name for this month is Abracadabra and boy it is perfect.  Beautiful.  5 of my favorite colors.

The next package I opened was the Cookie A.  I'd looked at the patterns during dinner and knew they were gorgeous...and I'm really excited about knitting another Cookie A sock pattern...the yarn is sumptuous and I cannot wait to cast those on (as soon as I'm finished with Under the Tree).  There are 2 patterns, and I'm going to make the first one with the Cookie A club yarn and the 2nd one with something from my stash.  Both are gorgeous and lovely.

Now, I will NOT make the cookies...I may collect all the cookie recipes and have a giant bake-off at Christmas...maybe.  We shall see.

Finally I opened my Rockin'Sock Club yarn.  I was really conflicted about whether to join again for 2014, but I've been in the RSC for 2 full years now and love the yarns that I've received during that time.  And as I said yesterday I've made a few of the projects.  I have a special place on my shelf to store the yarn and don't take it out of the clear package until I'm ready to use it....I was so excited to see this installment, though.  Bright colors, beautiful, rich bright colors.  Pretty patterns, too, but probably not ones I'll use.

OH...and the theme for this month's color is the Chinese New Year, so there was a fortune cookie in the bag...here's my fortune:

Here's my plan for handling all my club yarn:

Club Dragonfly--cast on as soon as I get it and work a little each day until I'm done.
Vesper--keep a simple sock on the needles at all times for travel, work, and social knitting
Cookie A, pattern 1--cast on as soon as I get it and work a little each day until I'm done (after I'm finished with CD)
Rockin'Sock--keep one project with RSC yarn on the needles and work on a little each day until I'm done (after I'm finished with CA, this does not have to be the most recent shipment)
Cookie A, pattern 2--cast on with stash yarn and work on it a little each day until I'm finished (after RSC)

Of course I probably won't finish all that knitting before the next installment comes along or the next desire to work on something else comes along, but this should keep me busy with interesting projects at least until April when the next installments arrive!

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