Thursday, September 18, 2014

Smoke, Part 2

The smoke continues to be really bad.  My reactions to it today weren't so bad as they were this weekend, but I do have to say I do not want to be outside.  This is what it looked like when I left work today:

If you need a comparison, go to my other blog post where I was bragging about the awesome mountain scenery I would see everyday when I leave work.


I knitted away on that shop sample hat last night but I got was a hard day at work yesterday.  Today wasn't so bad and I did get to get on the phones and "eavesdrop" as Jeanne talked with customers.  I will do this for a week or so until I'm comfortable with all the things I'll need to do and then I'll start taking the calls and have someone eavesdrop while I interact with the customers.

JBW continues to be such an awesome place to work, and everytime my brain tried to think of the divorce or the changes in my life, I reminded myself that I picked myself up and got here and that this is a great place for me to be and that I am going to be wonderful.

And it worked, y'all.  The negative thoughts went away and I wasn't even aware that they'd gone away.  I love the power that we can have over our attitude and our circumstances.

Life is, indeed, good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I'm learning all kinds of new things living out there's fire season and it comes with some amazing sunsets.

And smoke that makes it really hard to breathe and apparently irritates my sinuses and eyes something terrible.  Hopefully my eyes won't look like they did yesterday.  That was really bad.


I worked the 9:30-6 shift today.  It was hot.  And smoky this afternoon.  We had to close the warehouse bay doors to keep the smoke out.  It got hotter in there without any air moving.

I was tired at the end of it.  I'm so glad I cooked soup yesterday because dinner tonight was super easy and tasty...and now I'm done and can finally go shower this stinky self.


But before I go I want to share my shop sample that I'm working on.  It's the St. Stephen's Hat by Classic Elite Yarns and is knit in Fresco.  If you buy the pattern and the 5 colors needed to do the colorwork hat you can actually get 4 hats out of all that yarn!  I'm going to do both the stripe one (that's what's on the needles right now) and the colorwork one and then see if I'm interested in continuing to do two more.  Could be good give-aways or Christmas gifts or something.


and finally, if you want to go look at the awesome people that I work with, please do!  I'm so proud to be part of this team (and tomorrow, they're putting me on the phones...)

Monday, September 15, 2014

A bed

You don't realize what a wonderful thing a comfortable bed is until you've gone without one for a while, say three weeks (honestly I think 2 was plenty to gain appropriate appreciation for the comforts and necessities of a good night's sleep, BUT 3 really drove home the lesson).

And on Saturday, at the time planned, the furniture delivery people showed up, built everything for me, and then left so that I could enjoy my new furniture.  I got a bed frame and mattress, pictured below, a dresser and a dining room table.  The table has a leaf in it that takes it from 36" square to 36x60.  I'm keeping it to the 36" square unless I have a passel of company or move to a bigger place. It's a gorgeous table and will serve as both my desk and my eating surface for the time being.  I bought 2 folding chairs because chairs are very expensive and I'm definitely going to have to save up for those and they are far from priority.

The dresser is wonderful too.  Nice deep drawers with lots of space in them.  I've just this morning cleaned out the floor of the closet and gotten everything in the dresser that I need to...and it's a wonderful thing.

The bed, though.  The bed has made me happy beyond belief.  The mattress is wonderfully comfortable and the bed frame is a platform with baskets all around.  There are 6.  I put my purses in one basket and have my bed quilts in 2 others.  I just put out of season pjs in a 4th...leaving 2 more baskets for sheets and other quilts/blankets.  It will work out perfectly.

I love my bed and today I'm sharing her picture with you because she has made me a well-rested and very happy woman.

(I know you're wondering, and the quilt was made by me back in the day when I quilted.  The pattern is Women's Voices, by Fabric Expressions.  The pillow was made by my Aunt Betty, also years ago and features a Texas flag on the back so that I never forget where I'm from.)

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I've decided to go hitch hiking...and isn't she lovely?

Pattern: Hitchhiker
yarn: Vice Paradigm in color way Plain Jane

I'm using the karbonz needles by Knitters Pride and I love them.  The yarn, too, is amazing. It's like knitting with velvet.  This little treat I've given myself is a true treat indeed.


Apartment update:  I hung pictures in the living room, and the maintenance people came to clean out my dryer vent.  I'm hoping that means it'll work a little better.  Overall I'm enjoying living in this apartment.  It's very quiet, clean and well maintained.  I miss my nice new appliances, but the ones I have seem to be working fine...and to be honest, I don't cook enough to merit a fancy stove...and I'm convinced that Saturday when my bed gets here I will be AOK!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Alright, y'all, I work in a yarn shop...a really really big yarn shop, where we have loads of skeins of just about every kind of high quality yarn out there.  There's stuff I've never seen before and stuff I can't believe people pay money for and stuff that if I had all the money in the world (and space) I'd hoard because it's just so beautiful.

I've filled orders over the past 2 weeks for as little as $2 (and they paid $4 shipping...I honestly don't understand) and as much as $1000.  Most of the orders range right around $100 or less (free shipping kicks in around $80 and I know it was always worth spending $80 to get free shipping when I was shopping...)

I've touched the yarn, fondled it, imagined what someone was going to make with it, liked people's color choices and marveled at others.  I've gotten to know a few customer names well and love the fact that we send yarn out to 50 states and 60 countries.

I love the fact that I'm helping people make beautiful things to use themselves or to give away.  It feels good knowing that.  I like that part of my job...

So, I know you know where this is going.  Working around all that yarn, imagining what everyone is making, seeing all that yarn go to all those places...I HAD to bring some of it home with me.

I was good...really I was.  I was NOT going to acquire any more yarn for a while, and for at least until I got the studio set up...or minimally organized.  But I couldn't help myself.  I met Vice, and her name was Plain Jane and she said, "you WILL buy me and take me home and make a shawl out of me because you don't have a choice."

And I did.

And of course I brought her a play mate called Optic (by Madelinetosh...such lovely yarns and colors and oh everything about Madelinetosh is just lovely).

Here they are in my kitchen sitting side by side...

And here Plain Jane is outside showing off the absolutely gorgeous colors


Update on apartment:  The furniture will come on Saturday.  They promise.  If not, I may absolutely lose my mind...I was close yesterday as it was.  Kitties are doing great.  They love the birds that perch in the tree outside and Pearl can not stop playing fetch.  At present there are 10 balls in various places around the apartment...she's too adorable.  Me?  I'm doing ok.  I have some good days and some not good days.  Yesterday I got angry...not just at the apartment people but at him...and it felt good...I've never felt good about feeling angry before but I felt good...and it was healing in some way that I've never experienced before and that was good too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I just can't talk about it

My furniture didn't come today.  Still waiting on a call back to understand exactly why and what they plan to do about it...but I'm too upset.  More nights of the air mattress..I didn't think I could do it but now I have to.

I'm off to have a pity party.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Shocking Realizations

I had a shocking realization today about midway through the "operations meetings" at work.  I have never, in my life, enjoyed a job...until now.  And I thoroughly enjoy my job.  I'm excited about the opportunities I see there...and while I'm "just pulling orders" right now, I'm fine with that.  I'm enjoying the sense of accomplishment when I find a skein of yarn that has somehow jumped boxes...and that I know where to look.  That when I go into the retail portion I get to see what people are working on and help some out if necessary.

IT'S SO COOL!  I love being part of this group of people who work with such enthusiasm and passion.  Who actually stay on task, are pleasant, and are extremely helpful to us New Beans.

It is beyond amazing to be excited about working, not caring about when I get to go home, and just simply being in the moment.

I'm very very lucky indeed.


Because Pearl always gets the limelight for being so darn cute, I'm going to switch things up a little and show you Zora in a box.  Cat in a box...can't get much cuter than that! (especially when she's a calico!)