Friday, August 29, 2014

The happy spot

You know that place...the one you go when you feel really good about yourself or your decision or just because you feel like it.  The happy spot.  The one where you can pause, look about you and say, "yep, I did the right thing and it feels really good."  For me that was always my spot on the couch with my knitting all around me, my glass of wine on the end table next to me and something nice and calming on the tv...or just music...or sometimes nothing.

Unfortunately I don't have a happy spot here at the apartment yet.  I like my chair--trust me when I say that it's a million times better than the floor--but my makeshift Ottoman (paper box with a fluffy pillow on top) leaves a lot to be desired and the "sprawl" factor just ain't happening.  I'd LOVE to have a big comfy bed to curl up in right now and read for a bit...but the air mattress is what I've got to sleep on and it doesn't invite "curling up."

Right now I'd really love a happy spot...the one where I could sit back and reflect on everything I've done this month...on how I've turned something really crummy into something positive...that's for me...that will allow me to grow and develop and learn to love and cherish myself.



At least Pearl found her happy spot!

Happy long weekend everyone.  I'll be pulling yarn orders at work...and couldn't be happier about it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I can't seem to drink enough water.  I drink a big glass full and I'm still thirsty.  I drink more and I'm still thirsty...

This living in the desert is going to take some getting used to.

Anybody got any tips?  My friend Tony says to drink more water!  I'M TRYING!  I see humidifiers everywhere.  Will give one a shot if anyone can recommend if it's actually something that works...

But you know what's cool?  I start my job at Jimmy Beans Wool tomorrow.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait to be a real part of this team.

It's been such a hectic week running hither and yon getting things to set up a new place to live.  I feel like I've hardly made a dent, but I have.  My clothes are still in boxes and my yarn is still in boxes, but I have 2 bookshelves built, furniture ordered to be delivered over the next while and two very content kitty cats sitting near my feet.  I have hardly really stopped to think about why I'm here and what I'll be doing and now that tomorrow is almost here...I'm really super excited.

I hope I can sleep tonight.


from time to time I like to look back at Facebook or my blog and see what I was doing this time "whenever"...well, this time last year I was 1/2 way to my weight loss goal and was about to spend the last good weekend with my Daddy.  My what a difference a year can make.


One thing we don't say enough, I think, is how much we appreciate the people in our lives.  I honestly couldn't have gotten through this past year without all my loving family and friends and all the people who supported and cared for me and encouraged me through every single big awful thing that's happened since this time last year.

Yes, I'm strong.  And yes, I'm positive.  But mostly I am because I know that people are here to help me should I falter or feel sad or negative.  You guys, all of you, help me through.  We're strong, more positive and more uplifted because we have each other.

Thank you.


In all my "infinite power and wisdom" I declare the year of hell over with.    (I wave my magic wand and really really hope it works!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I can finally say that everything I shipped is in my apartment.  Of course everything that I brought in my car is here too.  I've lugged every single box up the stairs myself.  And I'm proud that I've done so...this move has been all about me!

For furniture I have a chair, a TV dinner tray, a tv console and a bookshelf (still to be built). I'm sleeping on an air mattress but the real bed and mattress should be delivered sometime next week.  I bought a dresser that will also be delivered next week.  The rest I will get as I can afford it or "make do" with cheap options until I can afford it.

It all feels very good, and all mine, and positive...and I can't wait to start working...because....yarn...all day!

Today's pic is from the road...some hotel can see the kitties chilled out

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Las Vegas. Reno.

I made it!  Such love and support I've never felt before.  Friends, family, blog readers.  Everyone has been rallying behind me and it gave me the strength to persevere through the hard time.  Through the time I wanted to turn around.  Through the time I thought "this is folly".  You guys gave me the strength when mine was failing, and I am overcome with joy and hope and pride.  2150 miles is a long way and takes a long time and requires a lot of gumption to do it all alone (yes the kitties were there but they couldn't take a turn at the wheel and that would have been very nice today)...

And I made it.  I'm here and about to for real launch my new journey!

The beauty is there. Sometimes you have to look real deep to find it and sometimes it's sitting right there In front of you...but it's there. 

New Mexico. Arizona. Nevada.

Yesterday I drove through some of the most beautiful parts of our country. Albuquerque to Las Vegas. So pretty. Majestic mountains, gorgeous colors, beautiful sky.  I felt the tender newly exposed parts of my heart peeking out and feeling ok.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Texas. New Mexico

Today I travelled to Albuquerque. No Valium for the kitties and they did much better.  I'd look over and see pearl looking out the window or at me and she was perfectly content.  Zora wanted out a couple of times, but she was good.

I really think I have the best kitties.

A couple of realizations:

We live in a beautiful country and folks need to get out and drive and see it.

This doing stuff for me is pretty empowering.

Seeing big blue sky has helped peel away some of the hard edges on my heart.  At first I was kind of scared it would be too emotional, but so far it feels good...freeing...dare I say happy?

Mississippi. Louisiana. Texas.

12 hours in the car. The cats meowed for most of it.  It was funny more than awful...but still...hard to listen to my audio book!

About to hit the road for day2!