Monday, December 29, 2014

It's winter y'all...

...I don't know about where you are but where I am, and apparently a whole lot of other knitters, WINTER IS HERE!

I talked to so many people on the phone, on e-mail, and in person today and everyone seems to have awakened from their post-Christmas stupor and realized that it's really cold outside, or snowing, or both, and that they don't want to go out there no matter what...and that if they are to stay inside they need to be knitting things that will keep them or someone they love warm...and that involves LOTS OF YARN...lots and lots of it.  20 skeins, 14 skeins, 13 skeins...I pulled, placed orders and packed up really big orders today.

And if you're wondering, in the desperation that is WINTER IS HERE people don't care about mixed dye lots or even if it's the color that matches their house...or really even if it's a color that they like.  They must have the yarn, and lots of it, and it we don't have that particular yarn what will substitute.

And honestly, they don't really care if the yarn matches the needles they currently have.  They aren't going to buy new needles, but they'll make the ones they have work.  "Don't you think size 9 needles will be ok with this fingering weight yarn?" (not really but hey, if you want a really loose drapey knit, then sure!)

People want to make afghans, or sweaters.  One lady in Florida has her eyes on a cowl out of silk (so lovely...I'm jealous).

There is desperation out there.  Driven by the self-denial that comes with knitting exclusively and in panic for other people for over a month.  Driven by the fact that it's REALLY cold out there and no matter the socks, blankets and heat you have it's still seeping through the windows and floors and walls.  If the grid fails we could all's built into our DNA as knitters--we must protect everyone, starting with ourselves!

Me?  I'm knitting socks.  I'm's all I want to do.  Sit in front of the tv watching College Football Bowl Games (yea Aggies) and knit socks.

Yarn: Tosh Sock in Cosmic Wonder Dust (I'm more than a little in love with this yarn and this color).
Pattern: Hermione's Everday Sock

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  1. You've summed us up perfectly. MUST KNIT MUST HAVE NEW YARN