Saturday, December 20, 2014

A little time, a little breathing space...and things start to look better (and 8th day of ornaments)

I had to do a lot of self-coaching the past couple of days to help myself regain perspective and peace, but I finally managed it.  A big part of it is acknowledging to myself that things are what they are and that I'm where I need to be and that I will learn the things I need to learn...but only if I quit fighting it.

So, I gained some peace and find that while I will miss so many things about the holidays this year, being able to relax and be calm and quiet is exactly what I need.  I need time to reflect, to own my space, and to be happy where I am.

If that means that I'm unable to do the things I have done int he past, that's ok, because my present is different (way different) and the me right now needs peace and calm and quiet and relaxation.


Besides, I'm having so much fun making all these new ornaments for my tree!  What a fun fun tradition I've started this year.

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  1. Good girl! Happy Peace and Silent Night! You can always write to me if you need a boost: