Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy end of weekend... those of you who have a regular weekend.  I'm mid-week, but it's all good.

Things continue good at work.  We're all caught up and seem to be doing really well.  I did inventory on needles today.  I actually liked it.

I'm knitting socks.  It's fun...I've missed knitting socks.


In the midst of the great pain I felt on Christmas Day I read through my journal entries from July forward.  Not all of the, but I picked key dates or titles...I was smart, and insightful...I see that I'm amazing, and it makes me really proud.


I hope that in all of this, in my behaviors and healing, in my taking care of myself, in my learning to love myself...I hope more than anything that I can be a good example to my daughters and help them grow into the amazing women they're destined to be.


Today's picture is of Zora sitting atop my refrigerator this morning.  She's not happy about the cold weather.

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  1. awww. We found Pie IN the Christmas tree as we took it down today!