Friday, December 26, 2014

Celebrations, and set-backs

There comes a time when trying to understand things just doesn't work anymore.  I'm at that point...I just don't understand.

Christmas was yesterday.  For the most part I was ok being without the family.  Sure I missed them, but I can be comforted by the fact that we talked, that they gave and received gifts and that things seem ok with most of them.

What I can't be comforted with really can't be shared on the blog.  It isn't my story to share, but it hurt and set me back emotionally...and made things less celebratory yesterday.

But I'll pull through.  I reminded myself when I got home today that there are things I can't control and I just have to let them go, so I tossed them aside and let them go.  I felt better almost immediately.

Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that things here are really quite wonderful and I do love my life and I've done a heck of a job getting myself back on my feet and figuring things out.

And you know what...that last little bit, about me doing things that are good...that made me feel almost whole again.

I wish everyone the best day that that can have.  I hope you are happy and are enjoying all that this holiday season has to offer.  I hope that when the new year comes around that it brings for you hope and possibility and that you grab all those hopes and possibilities by the horns and do what you can to make them a reality.

Because, seriously folks, if I can still be standing after everything I've experienced in 2014, you got this!


Today's ornament was a gift from Jenn (at work).  LOVE my coffee...and the red cup.  Special!

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