Monday, December 22, 2014


I love the idea of giving gifts.  I like getting them too :)

But seriously, gifting is such a wonderful concept.  Giving someone something that they'll appreciate--use, for fun, whatever--is such a terrific thing.  Working in a yarn store and hearing all the people talk about all the things they want to make and give that's even better.  Why?  Because they are gifting not just a thing but their time, and there's nothing that's more precious than our time.

I've received two ornaments this week from friends I met in grad school at University of Kentucky.  Two handmade ornaments for my tree.  What wonderful gestures and such a perfect thing for this time in my life.

This Christmas where I'm starting new traditions and experiencing the season, holiday and days in such different ways than in the past.

And I've been happy today.  I'll take that hands down.

The first is from Fran who I shared a desk (and so much more!) with during my first year at UK.

And this is from Jenn, who I shared an office (and so much more) with for three years at UK.

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