Thursday, December 4, 2014


I put up a Christmas tree today.  I have 6 far the cats has chewed on it a little bit but it's still standing...and so makes me happy.

I like having things that make me happy.  I feel whole for the first time in a long time.  I haven't put up a tree in years.  One more piece of evidence that things were unhappy and I was unwilling to see it.

Since I didn't bring any of my ornaments with me (horrors I know) I am starting anew.  I bought 6 to get me started and will make more over the next 3 weeks and see where I am come Christmas.  My tree will look different every day.

Tonight I crocheted three snowflakes from left over sock yarn.  I may continue that trend.  I like snowflakes and these were fast and easy and just the right size.  They're blocking now.

Today is my "Saturday" so I went grocery shopping too.  While I was out, I took this picture of my finished Mecha Cowl...there are mountains behind me but you can't see them because of the clouds/fog.

I'm still fascinated by the weather here.  Everyday is something new and interesting.  I'm thinking of changing my career (not really!)

My hair was super curly today too!

(btw, last week I knitted 3 hats and 1 cowl...pretty impressive, huh?)

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