Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monster #4

This monster?  She's plum crazy.  There ain't no better way to describe what happened here.  Part of it was planned, most of it was not, but the final effect is probably the most adorable creation I've made so far.

I'd tell you her name but that might give something away, so I'll just let you know that her name is X-Pants and in putting her together I knew she had to have the red yarn on her like pants...at first I thought full length pants, but then I decided that that would be too much of the red, then I decided I'd do a little more than half of her leg in red and that she could be wearing capris.

Well, after getting her all sewn together, I realized she was wearing short-shorts...Hopefully it was a look she favored back in the 70s and early 80s, and hopefully when she did, she mismatched her stockings and shoes and put on some crazy shirt that didn't quite match anything at all...

Or maybe she just entertained her kids by playing in the paints too much and was all colors all over.

Whatever happened in her past, this little monster turned out adorable.

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