Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monster #3

I finished another little monster yesterday...well, the knitting of it. I'm waiting to do faces and other embellishments all at the same time.

When looking at the picture of the lady whose monster this is, I saw a gorgeous smile, so wanted the red portion to be a mouth.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

News on the thumb:  Still sore, but I'm trying to break up my activity some to do other things.  I'm fairly confident that the thumb issue is the result of the little bitty knitting I'm doing making the monsters, so I'm going to have to watch it and be careful not to do too much.  I'm feeling so creatively inspired by this group of monsters, that I'm going to finish them, but today I'm taking a break to work on my Downton gauntlets.  Pics of that tomorrow.

You can see a close-up of the #3 monster's mouth.

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