Friday, February 1, 2013

Monster #5

She's almost finished, but not quite yet.  I've made the important part so will post it today...If it doesn't make you smile then you're heartless...that's all I have to say.

Yep, that's a big-old-wide mouthed grin.  And I knitted it on my very first try.  I have to say it was THE thing that made my day yesterday.

I have had two awful days in a row at work, this was after a fairly stressful week last week.  Luckily I also got some awesome news (that unfortunately I can't share for a little while at least) and had a good day today because I had the ability to work in Hattiesburg AND take half the day off.

So, all-in-all this week has been a roller coaster and has left me gassed and exhausted and slightly nauseous about it all.  I'm hoping that a weekend of restfulness clears my head and helps me deal with what promises to be another challenging week next week.  I'll certainly be knitting myself silly until then!

Thumb report:  It's much better. I hardly feel a twinge, but know it's from all these wonderful monsters I'm knitting.  I'm going to have to do them more slowly from this point forward.  Fingers crossed it was just sore and not the harbinger of awful things to come.

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