Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A morning that was very much like an evening

I'm working late today.  We're going to open up our center and stay open until 7 one night per week. I'm hoping we have a good response and people want to stay and study later...if they do, this could be revolutionary! Because I'm staying late, I came to work late.  I toyed with the idea of sleeping in, but decided a work week is a work week, and if I sleep in I won't get anything that I like to do during the work-week done.  And in all honesty with myself there is no way I'll actually go to bed when I get home, so sleeping late will only cause me to stay up later and that'll end up in a vicious cycle that will likely leave me grumpy.

Plus, I pay bills on Tuesday and while I could move that to another night of the week, I really don't want to.  It's become a routine and I really want to keep it that way.

SO, I decided to do all the things I normally do in the evenings, in the morning.  That means that this morning, I got up at 5 like usual, exercised, showered, and breakfasted.  After which I paid the bills and knitted while watching our Great Courses lectures with David (who also works late on Tuesdays this semester).

I think I prefer it.

Today I got finished with the 2nd clue of the Downton Abbey Knit-a-Long.  I really love it.  And I've started a pair for my mama in bright yellow, orange and pink (a colorway called Tomfoolery).  She may want them shorter though and must tell me before I get too far along...

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