Friday, January 11, 2013

Home Alone

I'm the kind of person who is very happy being alone or very happy being with others.  I typically don't like large crowds, but growing up in a family where large gatherings happened on fairly regular occasions, I usually enjoy being around groups of people.  (my only major issue being able to hear properly in crowds...).

This weekend, I'm home alone because David's working on the coast until Sunday evening.

Usually when I'm home alone, I thoroughly enjoy it. I eat whatever's to hand, sleep when I feel like it, and do whatever I feel like.  I hardly seem to make a mess and rather enjoy the peace and quiet.  I let the kitties sleep with me, and in general live on my own terms.

This time, though, I'm kind of lonely. I don't usually experience loneliness, so it's strange. I sat down last night to start knitting on my monster and thought about the fact that I'd really prefer having someone to talk to.  Watching tv, no matter how interesting, just wasn't going to cut the edge off of the overwhelming quiet that was my home last night.

Hopefully I'll feel better about it tonight...I surely hope so as I have a full Saturday and most of Sunday to get through before I have some human companionship!

The monster blankie is coming along nicely. I finished an arm and 2 ears yesterday.  The work in progress is shown below. I'm thinking her name may be Katia, Princess of Grace, but we shall see.  Once her other features start coming together all that may change.

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