Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little ray of sunshine?

Oh, this weather is about to do me in.  It's so dreary and cold and windy and wet.  It's the most awful of awful weathers, and it doesn't seem to ever stop!  The weather predictions show sun on Friday.  I'm afraid we'll all go crazy by then if it actually happens!  Snow tonight and we're all secretly hoping for a late start or a day off...I know I am.  Not that I have anything in particular to do, but just love the special-ness that comes with a snow day, so rare as they are around here.

Yesterday I posted that I worked a different schedule...and I really liked it.  I liked having my down time in the morning.  I was quite productive at work, and the time didn't seem to drag ever, unlike it does on a normal day.  It was quiet up here even though we had all-in-all I think it was a very positive thing.  I never knew I was a "second shift" worker!

I started some gloves for mom since she requested them.  They are my little ray of sunshine.  She said that the yarn looks like sherbet. I can't disagree with her--raspberry and orange sherbet swirled together.  The color name is Tomfoolery and I woke up at one point singing a little ditty in my head that was really a repetition of the word tomfoolery.  I had to laugh...

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