Thursday, January 3, 2013

Keeping Track

Knitting is a great craft for people who like to do things while they're doing other things...and I don't necessarily mean multi-tasking, because I think that's taken on quite a "professional" meaning.  What I mean is...well, take me for instance.  I can't just sit and watch tv.  While I'm interested in what the shows may have to tell me, I'm not interested in JUST SITTING there.  I want to go bonkers.  Or, riding in a car.  I can't just ride in a car.  I must be busy doing something else.  And knitting is perfect because I can keep my hands and brain occupied when it would otherwise be off thinking of ways to hurt  people and in the meantime make some pretty awesome stuff.

I'm extremely proud and excited at how knitting finally took hold of me and all the amazing progress I've made with it.  I've only been knitting for a year and a half now (I know, I'm amazed!) and I keep thinking of ways that I can make this my life...I mean, seriously.  I fantasize about knitting things and selling them, only to realize that no one is going to pay what it would take to make even adorable toy monsters.

SO, I take my passion back to the realm of crafting, relaxation and creative fun, and fill in my down time making things.  It's what I do.

And at present I have about 300 things that want to be knitted.  Every single skein of sock yarn in my basket is ready to become a pair of socks, or a shawl, or a hat.  Every single sweater pattern that I've printed out in the past year wants to be knit up so I can wear it before it gets too cold.  And walking around London helped me realize how much I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone wearing my hats.  Not only were they stylish, but they did the trick at keeping us warmer than we would have been without them (and my ears thanked me heartily!).

The current project I'm working on is a complete no-brainer.  It's perfect for knitting group night because there is no thinking involved.  In fact, it's all knit stitches, and you just knit away until you're done.  Sounds incredibly boring, but it's not.  It's lovely.  The only part of the pattern that requires any thought is the short-row toe and heel.  And I figured out after doing the first one that if I count my stitches with these handy-dandy stitch markers that I have to do even less thinking about it.  I can just watch as the project flies off of my needles.  And how awesome is that?

And I will tell you that after finishing up this next sock (I'm almost almost done), I will want something with a little pattern or interest.  And that's good.  Here's a picture of the first half of the toe with all its markers.

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