Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wishing you a Cosmic 2015!

Well, everybody, we made it into 2015.  I am beyond excited about the possibilities in front of me for a new year, new opportunities, new friends, new everything.

I'm still reeling from everything that happened in 2014, but I decided last night that 2015 will be about me.  What I need and how I need it.  I will accomplish things and focus on getting myself healthy--in all ways.

I'm not really into resolutions, but I will try to:

  • craft daily
  • start my Etsy and Pinterest sites
  • keep the blog going
  • write the book(s) that everybody is telling me I need to write
  • try to maintain my positive attitude while doing all the above.
I hope today finds you happy and ready for the new possibilities of the new year.  I hope that you are in a good place or at least know what that good place can be so you can strive to be there.  I hope that you learn to be patient and kind to yourself.  I hope that you seek and find true joy.


Today's picture is my completed Cosmic Wonder Dust socks.  I've already gotten back to working on the next pair--a vanilla sock in Allegria by Manos del Uruguay in color Candombe (anything but vanilla).  


  1. Wonderful goals. A BOOK? Fantastic. I'll buy it

  2. Happy New Year! I'm wishing you a fantastic year Leslie.