Monday, January 5, 2015

My brain is asleep

I have no other explanation for my seemingly ditzy-ness at work today.  It doesn't happen to me often, but I was just "off."

Perhaps it's because I stayed up late watching the first episode of Season 5 of Downton Abbey...if so, it was worth it.  So good that one was.

I started a new pair of socks out of Vesper Yarn Colorway Imagine.  I'm using the Pinstripe Sock's gorgeous.  I'll have photos maybe tomorrow when I have a little more to photograph well.

Jimmy Beans is starting to do an Indie Dyer of the month focus.  When the yarn is gone (to us) it's gone.  This is not going to be good for my budget, I can already tell.  Zen Yarn Garden is the dyer of January.  We have such luscious sparkly sock yarn...and some beautiful worsted.  I had a hard time not buying it all...then I remembered my budget.

Finally, a girl can't have too many project bags.  Especially one as willing to start new things as I am.  And when I saw this one was back in stock, I nabbed it.  It's so beautiful and wonderful and will follow me everywhere.  I was so happy looking at it sitting next to me on the counter today as I goofed one thing after another (maybe that was my problem? I was distracted?)


  1. We all have those days. I LOVE your bag. You are right, you cannot have too many

  2. Haha, I want to say exactly what Kathy said. In fact I admit I ordered two new project bags from etsy on Monday. ha!