Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dragonfly January 2015 and Cookie A December 2014

It's a marriage made in heaven. Djinni sock yarn in a gorgeous color called Big Sky and one of the December Cookie A patterns called Senna.

I'm convinced Cookie A is a genius.  I love knitting her patterns.  As I was talking with a girl at work today we commented on how they knit up so quickly BECAUSE you don't want to put them down.  The next row must be knitted because you want to see how it interacts with the one before.

Beautiful.  Genius.  Happy.


People are buying yarn in the red colorways (pinks, reds, maroons).  One girl at work thinks it's Valentines influencing decisions.  I think it's snow, little sunshine, cold.

Oh, and they're still buying as much yarn as they can.

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