Sunday, January 18, 2015


I'm thoroughly "into" crocheting my hexagon afghan.  Almost skipped sleeping last night then remembered that I do have to go to work and how bad of an idea that is, so I put it up and did go to sleep...but work is now finished and guess what I'm going to do very shortly!


Observations of working in a Yarn Store...
--Certain colors sell at the same time...doesn't always make sense though sometimes it does.  Today it's blue, if you're wondering.
--It really matters to put things back where they belong...hunted forever this morning for a bag of yarn to find it this afternoon when restocking other yarn.  4 of us hunted this morning...
--Yarn-y people are really nice.  Even when they get the wrong yarn or wrong advice or wrong color...they're usually nice about it...just want it fixed.
--The people that work in yarn stores are super-nice and excited to help people with their projects.  We really are.  I'm genuinely interested in what everyone is knitting because I have come to the realization that no matter how badly I want to I'll never be able to knit with it all.
--Even after almost 5 months at JBW, I'm still finding new yarns, books, and projects to do!  So much inspiration and beauty in the world.


Hexagons lining up.  I'm using Tosh Merino Light in Seasalt for the border rows.  I LOVE.

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  1. I love your observations. Do you have a favorite book that I'd like too thats easy