Saturday, January 3, 2015

In the beginning

...this is the title of the book I started yesterday.  In the beginning.  So many beginnings to talk and think through.  So many ideas to explore about beginning anew.  So many possibilities.  So many "left-behinds" much in that one little phrase.

In the beginning


Today's picture is of the socks I completed yesterday.  One of those socks was cast on and off yesterday.  The other was finished the night before (and worked on for a good while at work during lunch before I decided that working on knitting at work just isn't the thing).

I love these socks.  The yarn is Allegria by Manos del Uruguay in color Candombe.  It is velvety soft, beautifully dyed and a dream to knit with.  Just a plain-old-vanilla sock pattern to let this gorgeous yarn sing loud and proud!

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  1. Just wow with the socks in the new year. You're such a go getter and you're making me want to knit socks again. Stop it!