Thursday, January 22, 2015

Taking a hike

Yesterday's "Language of Letting Go" focus was to be spontaneous and have fun, so after work I went for a hike in the Hidden Valley Park near work.

Honestly I could probably hike out there for years and never explore it all.  I discovered a few things about hiking:

  • it's not just normal walking...there are rocks, loose gravel and uneven terrain to keep your eye on
  • It's beautiful...sun, sky, mountains, rocks, loose gravel, water rivulets in the sand, dead bushes.  Gorgeous.
  • It's terrific exercise.  My body was hurting all over.
  • I need better shoes suited to hiking.
  • The urge to explore what's "around the next curve" can take you a lot further than you intended...
And finally...when one realizes one needs to really needs to turn around and head back immediately.  Going around the next curve, waiting another couple of minutes, etc., means that all that time is needed to get BACK TO THE RESTROOMS.

Oh dear, I almost didn't make it and I'm not outfitted for running...

But still.  I had a fabulous time being spontaneous yesterday, near brush with humiliation aside.  I do so love the desert mountains.

So, here's a little color inspirations for you today.  Tell me what colors you see and what the shadows and light make you think of...I'm going to do "something" with this inspiration just haven't decided what yet.

1 comment:

  1. Awww hikes sound wonderful. Only hikes here are snowy woods hikes...which I won't take until it snows more. Right now its old dirty snow.
    You made me smile