Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It rained today!

And those of us on the early shift actually went to the door to look at it.  Rain.  Amazing.

What I find amazing is that you can't actually SEE the rain falling, but the ground is wet.  Maybe I could see it if I were outside, but I wasn't so I didn't.


Today's color in case you are interested was the cool family--blues, green and purples abounded!

And lots of it.  People have clearly panicked...and ordered all the yarn...


I'm starting a really amazing project at work....I'll get to touch and feel and look at ALL the yarn we have.  It's going to make shopping with JBW even better than it already it (I mean our wonderful customer service can't be beat...I totally know that...but things are improving and you'll be amazed!)...And the fact that I get to be part of it just tickles me to death!


Today's picture is of me and my shadow on the hike.  Aren't we cute!?

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