Thursday, January 29, 2015

A new project

Yes, I cast on a new project last night.  And no, I'm not at all embarrassed about it.  And yes, I love the idea of a new project because I love my yarn clubs and last year my enthusiasm for my yarn clubs got all bashed around when I was in the midst of my time of decided I'm rebooting yarn club enthusiasm in 2015.  So, here's #1:

Outlander, Among Friends.  You got the pics yesterday of the package.  Last night I started one of the suggested projects, the Pedestrian Crossing Cowl.

And let me tell you that it is a really nice pattern.  2 row repeat, super easy and the yarn?  Oh my...the yarn is lovely.  So soft, so squishy, so beautifully dyed. I'm a happy girl and so are my hands in working with this.



A couple of interesting things:

Yesterday at work I was enamored of the color brown, so of course, working with this color has made me super happy.

I think I'll use blue buttons to have it match my eyes a little.

Those needles are my Marblz Interchangeable set.  I still love them and think they may be my favorite.  I'm keen on the Karbonz, but they are so pointy that I split my yarn to death...these are just the right kind of tip for me, and I love the acrylic...who would have thought I'd ever say that after my initial love of Addi's...


And finally:  I BELIEVE  I will be wearing this thing to work on Saturday.  I probably won't, but I BELIEVE (at least for now) back to knitting and watching the next episode of Downton.

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