Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yesterday I squealed

So, at the end of my shift yesterday I was one of the crankiest persons around.  I didn't want to see or talk to people, I just wanted to crawl into my apartment and pretend that I existed in a vacuum and that when I did finally venture out all the people in the world would be nice and pleasant and fun to be around.

(Like the characters in Julia Quinn's novels.  I decided that she lives in a wonderful writerly world.  I need to create one like that for myself.)

So, I checked my mail on the way home and was beginning to realize that the crankiness...was really the harbinger of a real bonafide migraine...and one that if I didn't nip it in the bud was going to lay me low for at least a day and I did not want to miss work...

SO, I got in the apartment, took a cocktail of every medication I could think of, drank a BIG cup of coffee and settled in to wait this one out.

At some point I walked into the kitchen and remembered that I'd checked the mail and in it were 2 packages of my yarn club.  I opened my Vesper yarn and marveled at the gorgeous self-striping loveliness (I really must just sit and knit socks for about 300 days straight).

But then, I opened the other package.  Which was a totally impulse purchase back in October.  I was sucked in by the advertising in the Sparks stitch markers that I'm pleasantly addicted to (seriously, I have every set that has been "special" at JBW).  This club is focused on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, her Outlander series, which I loved and have read several times over.  I was excited to join this one, but that was October and it was an impulse and honestly I know nothing else about the Among Friends people except that I liked Outlander and the other yarn clubs looks totally cool and awesome and I would get a project bag, a set of stitch markers (I did mention that addiction didn't I) and YARN...oh and patterns to if I wanted to use them.

So, it was with mixed feelings that I opened that package.  Excitement about a new club but not really holding much expectations.  And then...I squealed.  Out loud in the middle of a migraine.  It was a bad idea but I couldn't help myself and I squealed again when I saw the project bag...and then...seriously...giggled outloud and squealed again when I pulled out the stitch markers.  It was at this point that I was sure my head was going to fall off my neck, but I would die a very happy woman clutching my first shipment from Among Friends.


And for those of you out there without any compulsion about having many know what an empty project bag means, right?  MUST CAST ON, so I found just the right project and did just that.

I'm happy today...and starting my weekend by watching some Downton Abbey Season 5, knitting my new cowl and drinking a glass or so of wine (and yes, I'm even using the stitch markers even though I don't necessarily need's the Outlander book!  How could I not???)

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