Thursday, May 31, 2012

7 days!

My phone buzzed a few minutes ago to alert me to the fact that there are only 7 days until the 20th Thornton Thimblers Quilt Bee!

I didn't need to be reminded.  It's just about all I can think about these days.  I can not wait to spend time with my family and revel in being so incredibly lucky to be part of one of the most amazing things I've ever heard about.  (and to hear people's expressions when I talk about it you'd think they think it's pretty darn special too!).

This year is going to be a little bittersweet, though.  And on my drive every day this week, I tear up, sometimes really cry, thinking about how Grandma isn't here anymore to be part of it.  While she only came to a couple of bees (and that was at the very end of the weekend or for a short visit, she never participated in all of the festivities and quilting), she truly truly enjoyed hearing all about it.  We'd call  her several times during the bee and always after the drawing.  She would have her "pick" of who was going to win.  And she was always happy about who won.  The winner would get to talk with her for a few minutes and enjoy being the star of the show.

So, while she wasn't actually there, she was there, and this year she can't be there and it is really hard for me to put my mind around how this can be so.

I've missed her so much this past year.  It will hit me at the weirdest times, and I'll be all teary and sad thinking about how she won't be able to see this or hear about that.  This week I read one of my blog entries from A Peek in  the Cupboard that I wrote shortly after she passed where I commented on the fact that everyone thought she was such a wonderful person. The reason I thought they thought that is because she made each and every person she met feel special.  She always touched and hugged and told you you were great.  She asked 100 questions about what you were doing and what you thought about it and how you liked it.  She would respond with "I swear" or "I'll be" or "Isn't that something" and you know she felt exactly as you did about the situation.  She knew and remembered your birthday.  She remembered things you talked about before, even if it was months or years ago, and asked about that again.  I remember one time being surprised that she'd remembered something I'd forgotten. Sometimes she got things wrong, like thinking David was President at USM...we couldn't convince her that we didn't tell her that, so we let it drop...:)

I know that this year we'll dedicate our special 20th anniversary to her.  I know that we'll think about her and talk about her quite a bit.  While we usually laugh until we cry, I have a feeling that this year we'll cry until we laugh reliving memories of what a wonderful person she was and how we are all better people for having her in our lives.

Today's picture is of our group picture last year.  We're a good-looking happy group.  I'm so proud to be part of this tradition and family.  I'll raise a glass to all of you tonight!

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