Friday, May 25, 2012


Years ago when we lived in Kentucky and had to travel for the holidays, we celebrated our half-birthdays.  This way we could focus on the half-birthday person and have a really enjoyable time.  It was special, unique and fun.  We didn't get crazy presents during our half-birthdays, but we did get to spend time being special...and sometimes that's all it takes.

David really took to the whole notion of "half" in the half birthday, so we would get a half cake, our cards would be cut in half, and there would be funny puns on half our age or our age.5, that sort of thing.  Fun stuff.

Yesterday was my half birthday, and we celebrated.  It was a complete surprise and so much fun.  I couldn't have been more pleased with my half-birthday after I got home.  Fun!  Here's what we did:

  • there was a half-birthday cake (cut in half)
  • there were half a dozen gift cards for the game I like to play on FaceBook
  • there was a gift certificate in the amount of my age.5 to get the tattoo that I've been thinking of doing (a red rose to commemorate Grandma)
  • some chocolate for our upcoming trips (Cadbury and Toblorone)
  • and a card, cut in half of course.
Oh, and we went out for a nice dinner at the nice place in town.  Yum.  We drank, ironically, half the bottle of wine and brought the other half home.  It was quite good. (Jumping Grape, sparkling red).

I'll have more thoughts on finishing things next week.  I really enjoyed my day yesterday and felt so special that I didn't do any knitting, but that's cool.  I still have that sock I completed (half a pair!)on Wednesday.

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