Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday I felt like I was living in a technicolor world.  After finishing the "great yellow elephant project" (YEA!!!) I was able to branch out into some new and unexplored color territory:  turquoise.

Well, not really totally unexplored as I love turquoise and work with it quite often, but it feels like it is new and unexplored because it's been so long since I've woven with anything that isn't predominantly yellow.

But, back to the yellow elephant for a second:  I was so proud of everything as I laid it out on the bed to wrap up and box away for the trip.  It all looks so pretty...but is definitely yellow.  I've decided next year I'm going to make a fruit salad :)

The turquoise project that I started is a lightweight soy-silk jacket.  I'm using two shades of turquoise and one of "willow."  (I'm not calling it yellow, though it could be part of the yellow family if you were so inclined.)  The jacket is a Dolman style (i.e. straight off the shoulder) so is very simply constructed.  The magic happens on the loom where you separate "waste" fabric and the body of the jacket.  It's woven in four parts and sewn together.  I would love to finish it this weekend...just because I love finishing things, but I've been there before.  Nothing is more motivating than starting a new project to know that one day I'll finish it!  I'll definitely keep you updated on its progress.

Yesterday I planned the project and wound the warp.  I'm hoping tonight to sit down and sley the reed.  After that point it should move pretty quickly.

And I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the waste bits...sew together for a pillow?  Bag?  Maybe I should use something coordinating and actually use those pieces...hmmm...

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