Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mama's Socks

Mama's socks are finished!  I'll wash and block them tonight, but I LOVE them.  I think they turned out great...and I'm very pleased with how quickly and easily these knit.

I'm actually a little stunned.  I was e-mailing with Betty this week and commented on how we were discussing at the bee last year how neither one of us could learn to knit.  How we'd both tried and just couldn't do it.  Then I got to thinking, surely that was more than a year ago.  I've knit a LOT of things in the meantime.  So, I decided that it must have been the year before that, but I didn't go to the bee the year before last (got sick) and then thought maybe it was the year before that, because I remember exactly having the conversation at the Bay House...then I KNEW that wasn't true because if it were I'd have greater memories of knitting.

So, I did a little research over on A Peek in the Cupboard and discovered that I'd not posted one blog entry about a knitted item--some knifty knitter items, but nothing with real needles.  So, I thought maybe I just didn't want to post them, but that doesn't sound like me.  Then I remembered that I put a lot of pics up on Facebook so I went there.  June 25, 2011, I finished my first hat.

Good news:  My memory served me correctly.  Even better news:  I've progressed a lot as a knitter in a year!

Since then I have knit and finished:

  •  a scarf (that took forever and I hated it before I was done...), 
  • a sweater, 
  • 3 pairs of socks, 
  • several hats (3 I've kept, 6 I've given away--wow!), 
  • a couple of cowls. 
I've also started a blanket, started a scarf, started another pair of scoks (hmmm...there seems to be a trend here), started my lunch-time afghan (which will take forever to complete so I'm not worried about that as it's intended to be a very long-term kind of deal), and planned about 300 projects.  I've also ripped out part of a sweater, a small bag, and a headband.

I think I caught the bug, but that's cool.  I love the peaceful slowness of knitting.  I love being able to do something with my hands during meetings or while visiting with people.  It makes long car trips manageable.  I haven't had to wait in doctors' offices but I imagine that it would make that tolerable too...maybe my blood pressure will be normal next time I go!  I love being able to handle every inch of the yarn and look at it while I think about how the item will be used and the person receiving it if it's a gift.  If it's for me, I imagine it making me beautiful!

Knitting is a wonderful process and I'm so glad that I did manage to figure it out finally--about a year ago, as a matter of fact!

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  1. And I've remembered 2 scarves and hats that I knitted as sets to give to David's parents. I'm sure there are a few other things as well!