Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Miracles

Little miracles do happen from time to time.  On Tuesday night I finished what I'm calling "chocolate bananas"!  And then last night Alyssa finished the quilt top!

Very excited. I  almost couldn't sleep last night.

And darnit I can't show you pictures of either.

I was humbled a little when I pulled "chocolate bananas" from the dryer and saw they'd shrunk.  They'll still serve, but hmmm...the yarn didn't shrink when I used it last least not this noticeably...I think it must be the warm water I used or the dryer.  Either way they'll suffice, but oops!

On my needles today I have a grey hat that I'm making for my hairdresser to give to his brother.  I absolutely love working with this yarn and am trying to decide if I could wear would be quite warm and cozy but the alpaca and angora--which make it so very very soft--also have a little bit of shedding tendency and that could bother me.  I'm wondering if it would be worth it.  And it would be so nice to have a little cardigan to put on in my office when it feels about 20 degrees in here.  Thinking thinking (not that I need to buy yarn for any more projects or even think about any more projects, but I can't seem to help myself.)

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