Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I read somewhere one time that there is a big problem with people just knitting one sock.  They get that one finished, never cast on the second one and therefore have a lot of one-socks.  I'm sad for those lonely socks going through life without their mate.  Unless they have an owner like my daughter, Elizabeth, they will forever sit in a knitting bag or closet and not ever be worn.  I'm a strong believer that socks like to be worn out.  I agree with Stephanie Pearl McPhee that one of the exciting things about knitting socks is knowing that they'll be used up.  I have a very practical side of me that only wants to make things that will be useful.  Quilting was fun, but after a while impractical.  A well-made quilt will last for generations.  After everyone I know has two or three quilting simply becomes decoration (and there's nothing wrong with decoration, I just don't have that many spaces left on my walls!).  But a sock, even well-made, will wear out with sturdy wear.  And that means that I get to knit another one.

And I LOVE knitting socks.  I may love knitting socks more than anything else.  I do love knitting hats, but I don't have much practical use for them in my climate, so they go in the same category as quilts.  After everyone has 2 or 3 then I must find something else for them.

But sock knitting is eternally fascinating.  Knitting in a tube means that there is almost no finishing.  Weave in ends, wash and (maybe) block and then put on feet!  To be honest, though, putting on feet is blocking, so really not a necessary step in the process.  Because socks have so many different components, I don't get bored, and then voila! I'm finished!

And as I mentioned yesterday I love finishing things because it motivates me to get started on something else.  And here's the little trick I played on myself last night.

I'm about 10 rows from finishing the toe of the sock.  Then I get to learn a new way of closing the toe (Kitchener's stitch, which many people hate, so I guess I'll learn why).  I could have finished knitting those 10 rows in about 20 minutes had I decided to stay up a little past my bedtime...I could have learned that new toe-closure in about 5 minutes with the video that's available with my e-book...and I could have gone to bed knowing that today I'd get to start a new sock.


...I decided to wait and finish tonight so that I could immediately start the second sock.  I'm excited about starting that second sock, so I'm going to dig in and get that accomplished tonight! yea!!!

And, let me tell you, Mama, you're going to LOVE these socks.  I'd keep them if I hadn't already promised them to you.  I'm on the hunt for more yarn just like this so I can make myself some soon!

Today's picture is of the drawing for the Thornton Thimbler's Quilt Bee in 2011 when Alyssa won the quilt.  I think it's so cute that Auntie J is dressed like the quilt squares.  I wonder if she'll dress up for the drawing this year too?  While I'm sorry that you didn't win, Auntie J, I'm very pleased and proud that I had the opportunity to quilt with my daughter over this year.  Her first quilt is going to knock your socks off!

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