Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Driven

Currently I'm working on socks for my daddy.  I've read about making socks for their feet are bigger and wider and how it takes more time...and I didn't really think about it until I kept measuring the leg to see when I was ever going to make 8"...I finally did which means that I could finally turn the heel last night.

Isn't it the pretties blue green you've ever seen?

I'm so driven to finish this thing, though, I spent all day working on it and not weaving like I'd planned.  I rationalized that decision by the fact that I wouldn't get anything but "maybe" the loom dressed (warp all tied on and tidy) and certainly wouldn't have time for weaving, so I decided that I should really just focus on the sock.  I even contemplated bringing it to work today but feared I might forget it and then be in trouble for the whole "working on it tonight" part of my daily expectation.  So, I left it at home, but that was a struggle...

It's awesome and I LOVE working with this yarn, and I'm trying to decide if it might fit me instead of daddy (only if I made the foot too short, but I would never do that on purpose).  And the funny thing is I already have a pair of socks out of this yarn which I'd wear every day if I could.

(Note to self, must make more socks for self...quit being so generous and giving everything away!)

This weekend I also started a gift for my friend Aaryn who is preggers.  It's adorable and I'll work on it in the car, but needed to get started before I left so that the whole troublesome casting on and making sure no stitches are twisted part of the process if out of the way.  I almost couldn't stop.  I love the yarn (Berroco Weekend) and I love the colors, and I love the pattern, and it's so darn cute I'm sure I'll have it finished before we hit the Louisiana Texas border, which probably a good thing because it'll be dark by then and difficult to see to stitch...but still...I felt the pull of it saying to me, "you could work on something know, all those other 20 projects you've started and the 20 others that you want to start"...but I ignored it for the sake of having something to do in the car on the way there.  Must figure out in the next two days what I'm going to do on the way home.

On a side note: Elizabeth tried to convince us to unveil the TTQB quilt to her early since she won't be there for the unveiling...we weren't swayed.  Heartless we are!

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