Tuesday, May 22, 2012


For me, finishing is the greatest motivation to start something new.  While I don't HAVE to finish something to start something, finishing something always means that I start something new.  Never ever fails.

That's why I have about 20 unfinished projects of various crafts in my house and a work table full of yarns that want to be made (mostly woven) into something (and I'm not even talking to the yarns in my baskets right now because the yarns on my tables are so overwhelmingly needy right now!)

I have one more thing to finish in the great yellow weaving experience.  It has been very good, and I'm very proud of what I've made, and, to be honest, I can't wait to have my "yellow elephant" because I'm so excited about giving all this awesome stuff away...but I'm ready (read, really really ready) to weave with something that is decidedly not yellow.  I don't even want something that variegates to yellow.

And the crazy thing about it? I  don't even know what I'm going to weave next.  I have this lovely lovely royal blue alpaca lace that would make a beautiful shawl which I might tackle, but there's also the really cool black and white houndstooth scarf that I want to make for my friend.  And the pink merino that's so soft you could put it right next to your skin and sigh a happy sigh...but it's matched with something that variegates to a yellow-ish color so I'll probably wait on that.  I haven't quite worked out the design elements on my friend's baby blanket, and don't have the yarn yet, so that project (and the few cones I've set out for it right now, though to be honest a couple of them are yellow now that I think about it) really isn't quite ready to start...and in one of my baskets (which I've been ignoring) is this really fun cottony chenille that's all different bright colors.  It definitely wants to be a funky scarf, but hasn't decided yet if it wants to be woven or knitted.

Then I have this bag of pretty tencel in turquoise and (yellow) that I bought to make this jacket I saw in a magazine.  Problem is I didn't buy extra yarn and plan to make it bigger, so I may have to re-decide what to do with that yarn--buy more or make the size and see if someone can wear it.  I have some scarves ready to warp, some towels ready to warp...and a few other projects.  I can only do one at a time, and I'm ready to get working...but first I must finish...and I can't wait to finish!  There's nothing more motivating than seeing the end of a big project!

Today's picture is of a very adorable Zora.  Zora likes to climb, and one day I came into the studio to find her posing atop my dresser.  Behind her is a "gamp" that I made when I was first learning to weave.  I love the pattern, though the yarn isn't the best choice for a gamp--the next gamp I make will be from cotton to provide a nice, crisp fabric to hang on the wall.

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