Monday, September 9, 2013

Zee Monster and a Hat

I did a lot of knitting this weekend.  It was so nice to put on pjs on Friday afternoon and keep them on (changing of course each day) until this morning.  I think having pjs on really helps in the whole stress-reduction resting part of the weekend.

It was nice watching football on Saturday too.  I love football.  I really enjoy watching the Aggies, of course, but I do enjoy watching other games.  I like seeing the athletic prowess and amazing things the guys can do.  Plus it's really fun when teams you don't like lose.

Because I don't have any major deadlines coming up (except Christmas, but I'm planning ahead now and I really don't consider that a deadline as much as a suggestion), I've been flitting between projects trying to find the one that interests me.  I'm still plugging away on the Noro blanket.  I'm getting at least one "log" completed per day.  TGWE #7 is also going well.  I love the Koigu KPPPM yarn I'm using.  It's very soft and springy.  The colors are gorgeous.  It wasn't the best choice for this pattern as I figured out too late (wasn't going to buy MORE since it was experiencing new yarn that was the purpose behind this particular experience), but they are really pretty anyway.  I find I really like the pattern.  I'm in the gusset decrease section and should have the second sock finished by this weekend.  Very excited.

I finished this hat:

It's knitted out of handspun yarn that has, in addition to all the fun daisies throughout, bits of lace and fabric as well.  It slightly variegates from bright aqua to white.  The pattern is a "super simple hat pattern" which is really just a ribbed brim and a stockinette body.  Nothing fancy for this fancy yarn.  I am totally ready for the first cold snap.

I also finished Zee Monster.

She's "Gabby" from Rebecca Danger's "Big Book of Knitted Monsters" and she's about as precious as she can be.  If you've been following me for a couple of years, you may recognize this yarn as the yarn I used to make my very first knitted project.  That was a super-simple hat pattern as well...and ended up being too big, so I frogged it and made this little calico monster.  She's sitting on the credenza above my desk right now and will greet my visitors when they come in.  I love Zee...She has lots of personality from the tuft at the top of her head to her pink eyes and blue belly button.  Fun fun.

So, in the spirit of "doing what I want to" this weekend, I started another monster.  I have no plans for this one.  It'll be about 6" high in the body so if someone wants a medium sized monster, holler.  It can be yours (it's made out of red yarn...if you want it for a little critter, tell me soon so I can avoid the button eyes and belly button).

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