Monday, September 23, 2013


I am not a monogamous knitter.  Not even kind-of-sort-of.  Not even when I'm super-excited about a project.  I can't be.  It's not in my nature (I've never been a monogamous crafter, always having several projects on the go at once).

I guess I have ADHD when it comes to crafting.

That, or I'm a project slut.

Either way, about the ONLY times I can/want to work on a single project at a time are
1) at the very beginning when I'm so excited about it or the yarn that I can't stand not working on it, or
2) when there's a particular skill I'm learning--then I'm very absorbed in the process, or
3)  when the end is in sight.

And the end is in sight on the Noro blanket.  I told myself on Friday that I'd work on it exclusively (other than my square-a-day) and see how far I got and how I felt about long black rows of garter stitch.

And I find that I'm insanely motivated to work on this project.  Not only are the long rows of garter stitch not really all that bad--mindless knitting at its best--BUT the impact is so amazing that it's worth any level of boredom that might come my way.

So far, no boredom has reared its ugly head.

I'll show you row 1 attached to row 2.  I started on row 3 and got 3 blocks attached last night.  I foresee having that finished by the end of the week and then maybe, just maybe, all 5 rows finished by the weekend.

Sometimes monogamy isn't a bad thing.

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