Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quickly on Sunday

Too much knitting to do today to talk much :)

I finished Block 20 yesterday morning while drinking my coffee.  I'm calling it Tail Feathers because it reminded me of a parrot AND because it is the TAIL of the project.  Funny, I know.  I had barely anything left of this skein.  Interesting.

Then I got busy knitting the sashing strips on.  Working with the black yarn wasn't as difficult as I feared, which is good.  I knitted to the right side of the square, then sewed on the next block, knitted on its right side and so on.  After I finished attaching 4 squares I knitted the sashing row on top of that. The final result is below.
Based on this photo, the finished result is going to be stunning.

I am selecting the blocks at random, so the fact that all 4 have lots of pink in them is simply a random effect (which is something I always find interesting).  I'll continue to do so and see how the finished product turns out.  I can't wait for it to be cool enough to snuggle under this thing.

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