Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The optimist in me...

...believes I'll be done with the blanket by next weekend.  I did the "figuring" on this this morning while I was waiting for time to leave to go to the dentist.  Here's how it worked:

I'll finish attaching row three tonight, then get started putting the blocks together for row 4.  I'll finish that easily and have row 4 attached by mid-day on Saturday.  Then it's just putting the last blocks together for row 5, attaching them, and then doing the borders.  I should have row 5 on by Sunday night, which means I can get each border done during the week nights.  Easily done by Sunday next week.

We'll see.  I crack myself up at how "easily" and "quickly" I knit in my "figurations."


Exciting diet news.  I got on a pair of size 16 pants today--they fit perfectly.  I'm wearing them to work tomorrow.  SO excited.  I mean, really really excited.

Today's pictures is of me in the same dress.  The first pic is from July 1st, the 2nd pic is from yesterday.  I'm amazed.


  1. Dang lady, you look great! Your progress in multiple "projects" is ah-mazing!

    Oh and I know that optimism... oh this, I should wrap this up in a week. Hopefully it will go faster for you than for me! I'm notoriously slow as it is. Can't wait to see you at the finish line!

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling pretty great about the weight loss! It's amazing to pull pants out of my closet and look at them and say "I fit in these?"...then put them on and they fit (or are too big). Simply astounding.