Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TGWE #7: Finito

(I'm currently reading Blood and Beauty by Sarah's about the Borgia Pope--Alexander VI--so the finito seemed to fit)

I was happily knitting away on TGWE #7 last night when I realized that if I stayed up a tad past my typical bedtime I could finish...and wear these lovely socks to work that point, I was no longer tired, I totally ignored how sticky and weary my eyes were getting and I knitted as fast as I could to finish up these beauties.

And I love them, don't you?

I love the colors, I love the variegation, I loved working the pattern.  I love how the socks feel on my feet--perfect fit in all areas.  I love how the cuff has points to it.  I love the pooling at the foot.  I love the yarn, too, and I loved working with my signature needles on this project.  It was great fun and a perfect project to go to everyday.

I was too tired to start TGWE #8 last night, but I will tonight.  The next pair of socks in the Knitters Book of Wool...can't remember the name right now, but I'll post a picture tomorrow.  I've chosen a very sedate color for this project.   These will be beautiful socks, but a totally different look than these socks.  These socks are just happy lovely socks that make me want to pull up the cuff of my pants every now and then so I can look at them and make sure they aren't sagging (they aren't).

My next project will use Louet Gems yarn in replacement of the Hand Jive yarn that is no longer available.  I chose the color "champagne" because I like champagne so much and I thought that it would be nice to wear something champagne on my feet.  I'm impressed with the springiness of the yarn that's evident in the skein.  I can't wait to see it knitted up.  A report will be forthcoming, of course.

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