Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two cowls today and a hat!

I spent the weekend with Mom and Dad and it was really nice.  We celebrated mom's 70th birthday where she got this cowl.
It's made from Trendsetter's Phoenix yarn and the pattern is Sanibel (free from Berroco).  I loved the pattern and the yarn and will be making more Sanibal cowls.  It's a perfect project for any slinky yarn you have.  I didn't even wash/block the cowl when I finished because it looks so perfect.

The other project I knitted this weekend was this cowl for my friend Stacey.

It's made from the Bijou Basin Ranch yarn that I made her hat from (yak and cormo blend, super soft and luxurious, called Bijou Spun).  The hat is pictured below.

The cowl pattern is Cashmere Neckwarmer by Elvira Massa (free on Ravelry) and the hat pattern is Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa LaBarre in Weekend Hats (one of my favorite hat books).  They were both super quick knits and between the two used up about 1.7 skeins of the Bijou Spun yarn.

This weekend I also finished up another hat (for me) and started an iPad cover for Elizabeth's Christmas gift...plus I worked a bit on my Windjammer socks (TGWE #7), my block-a-day blanket and the Noro stained glass afghan.  Turns out I can get a lot of knitting done while sitting around watching football and talking...and having an extra day off of work.

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