Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Feverish Sprint to the End

While I'm not technically nearing the end of the Noro blanket, I'm ALMOST finished knitting the blocks.  Last night I bound off the final side of Block 18 (pics of 17 and 18 are at the bottom of this post) and I got really excited, started #19 and thought...OH MY...I'm almost done with this blanket.

Which kind of made me want to skip sleeping and knit all night, except that I'm so tired lately that I can't skip sleeping and my hands were really hurting from knitting on Harold that I physically couldn't.

I'd put a good bit of my money on the fact that I WILL be finished with block 20 before the end of this week.

And then I'll begin what I'll probably find one of the most interminable knitting experiences ever.  Knitting the sashes.  We shall see if I hate it or not...I'm hoping not.  I'm hoping that the excitement of sitting under this blanket come November or December when the house really starts to cool off will spur me onward through the miles of black garter stitching.  I'm hoping I don't lose momentum in the face of dark yarn and old allergic eyes.  I'm hoping that the contrast between the brightly colored blocks and the black sashing strips will inspire me to finish the next strip so I can sew them together and see how awesome they look.

I'm definitely hoping that this feverish spirit survives the marathon that I know is upcoming.

At least I have a Saturday full of football to keep me entertained while knitting...and Thursday my friends are coming over for stitch and bitch night (though we really don't bitch...we're a really happy group).

I am curious how y'all get through the "never ending" feeling of a project.  Do you do little bits per day (that's what I typically do)?  Do you sit down and just make yourself finish even though you hate it?  Do you put it away and not look at it and then feel guilty that it'll never get finished?

What inspiration or motivational tricks do you use to keep yourself going?  (no m&ms at the end of row for me...I've lost too much weight at this point to go back to that kind of food! :) )

The pics below are blocks 17&18:  New Furniture and Mold.


  1. I've enjoyed watching these blocks knit up. It will be fun to see them all together. Lately there is not enough time to knit, so the motivation, is just knitting, and getting things done for something new -- without guilt. But I have 2 finished items waiting for buttons, so what do I know?

    1. Thanks! I've really enjoyed making this. That this blanket kit was a gift from my husband for our anniversary makes it all the more special. I'm starting to convince myself that the sashing won't be that bad...I'm delusional, but it's working for now ;)