Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I have two frames of mind about e-mail.  Part of me loves the ease of it.  We can e-mail our friends and get responses within a relatively short period of time.  Unlike texting we can go into great detail and write "letters" electronically.  We can document things from work easily, file them away in a folder and move on.  I can use e-mail to remind myself to do things (or others), I can send pictures to whomever I choose.  In short, e-mail has really made our lives easier, more productive and definitely more connected.

That said, I hate e-mails.  I hate all the junk e-mails we get.  I hate that people can hack into our e-mail account and create spam messages.  I lost everything I'd collected for years through my yahoo account for this very reason.

The thing I hate most about e-mail is that it piles up.  While it isn't a virtual piling of papers (like on my desk right now), it is a piling up of unread e-mails, mostly junk or simply unfiled, that eventually we have to deal with.  It's a frustrating and boring task and it makes me long for the days when talking to people was enough to get things done.

Guess what I'm doing today?  I've whittled my e-mail inbox down from over 400 e-mails last week, to just over 100 right now.  By the end of today that will be 0.  David said I just need to "select all" and delete, but I do feel compelled to keep a few of those e-mails, so I'm going through them one by one and making the decision whether they can be deleted or not.  The fact that I finally have the time to do so, says something about how my work has been over the past few months.

Today's pictures are blocks 15 and 16 of the Noro blanket.  I'm calling them "Pocket full of Posies" and "Slate."  I've slowed down a bit in my enthusiasm for working on this blanket.  I still love it, but I have other projects pulling on me too.  My goal is to get one "log" completed per day, but I will sometimes do more, especially on weekends.  I think I'll have the blocks completed by the end of the month, which will allow me to start working on the sashing strips (which I'm just going to knit and sew together rather than grafting...while I don't mind grafting, an entire row of 200 or so stitches to graft looks to me about as much fun as the dental visit I have for tomorrow...)


  1. This is how I feel about my inbox. I am so overwhelmed, that I just ignore, like much of the clutter in my life. Good for you for whittling, chopping and taking care of it! Don't judge me, since I really can't commit to it;)

  2. No worries! I never judge...there are too many skeletons in my closet to suppose anything about anyone :)