Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just to prove a point about that crazy optimist in know, the one that was totally deluded yesterday morning into believing that she was going to finish attaching row 3 to the blanket and start knitting on the strips connecting the blocks of row 4.

I didn't even finish knitting the long sashing strip which will attach row 2 to row 3.    I only knitted for a total of about 45 minutes last night.

I did knit my square a day (the blanket, half finished, is pictured at the bottom of this entry).  But, I also went out to dinner with David (where I drank 2 glasses of wine: I don't have the tolerance I used to) and then I came home and talked to mom for a good long time.

So, that meant that I didn't have much time for knitting, unfortunately.  And the optimist in me was screaming "no...stay up promised me on your blog today that you'd finish this row, get it know...make significant progress!"

And I had to look that optimist beast in the eye and say "you knit with black yarn at the end of a long day after drinking two glasses of wine and dealing with terrible allergies for about 3 months."  The optimist replied, "no problem...progress is progress...we NEED this thing finished."

At which point I told myself, "self, It's still 85 degrees outside, the forecast doesn't predict we'll be below 60 for the next 10 days, there are still almost 3 months until Christmas, and I'm tired.  Anything I do tonight will have to be undone because it won't look right...and undoing takes longer than no...I won't finish row 3 tonight.  I'll finish it tomorrow night...and still probably finish getting all these rows attached before the end of the weekend."

And my optimist self went off and sulked in the corner.  I'll pull her out tonight, dust her off, give her a big old hug and then knit until my hands hurt to prove that I'm serious.  I WILL get this blanket finished before moving on to other projects.  The motivation to work on it is too strong, the finish line too close...not to mention it looks more awesome in person that in does in pictures.

Pictured below is the square-a-day sock blanket at its half finished point.  It's made entirely of sock yarn--some heavier weight than others, but most at the fingering weight.  I LOVE this blanket so far.  It's terribly tempting to work on it more than one square per day, BUT I'm trying to make sure that the scrap effect remains true.  That as I finish one color that I'll have new colors to add.  I love how squishy the fabric is turning out and I can't wait to snuggle under it too.


  1. Don't you dare beat yourself up for having a great night. progress was made, progress will be made. Those chats w/mom and those dinners with the partner are what make life good as well, right?