Monday, June 3, 2013

R & R

Refreshed and Relaxed.  That's how I feel after this weekend.  It wasn't even THAT difficult for me to get up and get to work this morning...something that's quite the feat.  I actually didn't even fuss that much.  That hardly ever happens.

Do you want to know how totally relaxed we were this weekend?  On Saturday we never even unlocked our door!  We just hung out in the house and chilled.

I worked on 2 knitting projects.

  1. A new pair of socks (yes, I'm addicted, but that's ok.  I have a VERY large stash of sock yarns that will take me some time to get through...and I honestly doubt I'm going to ever see the bottom of those baskets...yes, the sock yarn stash now occupies two (large) baskets...I'm not embarrassed or ashamed.  Sock yarn is my favorite yarn to work with...there's a blog post in itself in why I love sock yarn).  I did decide that the square a day sock yarn blanket needs to be put on hold so that I can add a few more balls of yarn to the mix.  I've finished up 2 balls and need to replenish before I'm down to just a couple and things aren't as "scrappy" looking as I'd like.
  2. The other project that I worked on is a baby blanket.  It's knit from the center out so right now looks like a fairly largish hat.  I don't know how many rows in I am...but I have about 6" from the center. It says to knit until it measures 13" from the center, so I have quite a ways to go and as the rows grow, so do the number of stitches, so the next 6" will take considerably longer than the first 6" did.  I have a couple of months until this baby is due, so I think that if I work on it every day I'll get there.  It'll be going to Texas with me this weekend, so hopefully will see some good progress in the car and at the bee.
I did not: hang pictures, weave, or go to a party on Sunday.  I'd planned to do all of those, but it was so wonderfully relaxing just to hang out that that's what I did.  


Today's picture is of the luscious pink cabled socks that I finished weekend before last.  I love these socks. The yarn has a slight sheen to it from the bamboo, and they are terrifically soft.  They fit with the perfect snugness that keeps them up and my feet happy all day.  Those, btw, are some happy feet! 

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