Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So Much to Talk About

I was unbelievably productive with my knitting last week.  I took Thursday off because my allergies were killing me...

[side note:  any of you that suffer with allergies will understand, but sometimes they make you feel awful.  Like you've been run over by a truck, gotten the flu and just can't move...all at the same time.  That was me on Thursday and Friday...I've heard the mantra "it's only allergies" so many times it makes me want to smack something.  Unlike the flu, or another cold or infection, allergies are typically chronic.  Worse some days that others, but there all the time.  It's enough to wear a person out...and sometimes it does.  That's where I was on Thursday....ok...back to talking about knitting.]

Pretty much all I had the energy for was sitting and knitting.  And I knit and knit and knit.  I had so much fun and knitted some more.  And when my energy picked up I wove some and then wove some more.

I showed you a picture of the Flicka Hat that I finished on Sunday.  Yesterday I showed you a picture of the gorgeous scarf I finished on Saturday (even though I hated it.)  Also, on Saturday I finished this cowl:

I've made this for Ernie, and hopefully it'll fit him.  The bumps and special stitches you see are knitted "Morse Code" for his favorite phrase, "Thank God that's over with, by Louise Brooks."  So, that's what it "says"...if you know how to read it and what to look for.

I used Malabrigo worsted yarn, which is just a little bit of heaven.  It's so soft and lovable that you want to curl up in it and take a nap. (which Pearl does pretty often actually.)

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