Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cabin Socks

As soon as I finished the Flicka Hat, I started Cabin Socks.  This is the 3rd project in the Great Wool Experiment I launched just a little over a week ago. (10 days ago I talked about the 1st project).  It's nice that the patterns at the beginning of this book are small things.  Hats, socks, mittens, etc.  I'll be examining lots of different wools and getting to understand how they work on little, fun, quick projects.  Just my thing.

I will do the sweaters eventually.  I'm fairly certain.  I will certainly enjoy the learning process, and knitting for the "mini me" will be much more fun (and quicker) than knitting for the current me.  Next year...

In the meantime, I'm working on Cabin Socks.  These are knit with Naturally's Perendale Yarn, a DK weight yarn that is squishy and springy and perfect for socks.  These are knitting up very quickly on size 4 needles.  I love the color and I honestly can't wait to put them on my feet.  They are going to be perfect "wear around the house" socks (too thick for any shoes I own).

I'm guessing, based on my internet searching and difficulty finding this sourced in shops, that this lovely little New Zealand yarn isn't available any longer.  There are other lines by Naturally, but it seems that the Perendale has gone away.

One of the things I find interesting about this yarn is that there are definite fuzz to it...some of the hairs sticking out give it a lot of grab as well as character.  When I pulled the band from around the skein, Pearl jumped up from whatever she was doing and came to investigate.  She wanted to get her paws on that yarn (her teeth too, I'm sure!).  I will definitely be making her a toy out of this when I'm finished with the socks.

Here is a picture of the socks just started.  The yarn is a gorgeous dark green.  In the light it comes across as a gorgeous emerald.

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