Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dancing Waters

Thanks to Mary over at Hugs I got rather addicted to the Vesper Sock Yarn club.  Each month (or so) a new skein of gorgeously hand-dyed self-striping sock yarn comes in my mail box, which I usually wind into a ball right away because I "can't wait to start it."

David's heard that last statement so many times he doesn't really blink any more.  He asked the other day how many projects I have on the go and whether I thought the "average knitter" was like me with lots of projects on the go...I told him that I honestly didn't know, but that I did know that some people were one project only people.  I honestly can't understand how they manage.

(And don't ask. I don't really know how many projects I have on the go.  I did realize over the weekend that all the "skinny sweaters" I was making would likely be too big for me when I get skinny so I frogged them all.  All the bags of yarn and patterns are sitting in a basket awaiting my skinny self.  THEN I'll know what size to make...and I'll make lots, trust me.)

Back to the sock yarn.  I wrote last week about how much I love fingering weight yarn and how much I love making different things out of them.  I've been contemplating making different things than socks from the Vesper yarn and over the weekend, I started a scarf--a woven scarf.  And oh, my, is it gorgeous!  Just look.

I plan to get this woven over the week.  Trust me, I'll show you the finished picture.  But it's so pretty on the loom, the shuttle is gorgeous with all those colors...wow and wow!


  1. Holy crow!!!! Man, that makes me want to get my loom out again... I don't know whether I can bear to use up Vesper on anything but socks, but those wide stripes look fabulous!

    As for multiple projects on one's needles - I am pretty sure a generous percentage of knitters have a ton of projects on the go, just like you (and me, and practically everybody else I know, heh)

  2. Thanks Mary! I think the scarf is rather striking. I would love to experiment and see what happens when using the yarn in warp and weft...but this yarn is to precious for an experiment...I'll have to find another, less special, self-striping yarn...i wonder if that'll happen!